An Artificial Grass Designed with Drainage and Dogs in Mind


Written by Love It Lawns

June 14, 2022

I’m watching Star Wars while I am writing this blog and a couple of things have come to me.  One is when they shoot a spaceship why does it fall down and not go up the screen, there’s no atmosphere therefore there should be no up or down… strange.

The other thing that is strange is what appears to be a lack of water in space, no flooding, hurricanes or even a light mist, I mean as an English man what did Tim Peake have to moan about when he was in space if there isn’t any weather.

Whilst thinking about the weather I thought it was a good time to mention our new artificial grass called FLO, keep it simple I thought, give it a name that its good at.

Our new 30mm highly permeable FLO artificial grass has finally arrived and is in stock.

So, I hear you say, ‘but isn’t all artificial grass permeable?’

Yes, but some artificial grass is more permeable than others. Our new FLO is slightly different thanks to its micro-perforated backing, so whereas the water has to find the drainage holes in most available artificial grass products on the market, with the FLO it simply runs straight through the micro-perforated backing.

What this means to you, the customer….

Drainage for artificial grass is very important, there is no reason in installing a highly permeable base if you cannot get the water through the artificial grass to it.

This is where the FLO artificial grass has been specifically designed, particularly for our customers with dogs, as we know it’s not the Dog that is going to be cleaning the grass so anything that helps you a bit has got to be a good thing.

The backing of the FLO artificial grass gives superior drainage.  Its micro-perforated backing will drain at a rate of 80 litres per minute per square meter of grass, which is over double the rate for most others artificial grasses on the market today.

For dog owners this means that when your dog urinates on the grass, and you wash/clean it down, the water flows straight through the backing and away.

Obviously, as we have said many times before, all artificial grass needs a detergent to clean the blades of grass.  If a cleaner is not used, you may experience odours. Click here for more information

The New Flo artificial grass also combines well with our Drainbase System. Both products combined gives you the ultimate solution to drainage issues and unstable ground, it may also help reduce the

potential for dog odours.

The Drainbase System creates an air gap between the artificial grass and the base stone allowing the artificial grass to not be in direct contact with the ground,

meaning the backing of the artificial grass won’t sit on the saturated wet base material.

With all that said normal rules apply, got any questions then let us know.

If you have questions, please ask for more details about our FLO artificial grass and Drainbase System. Contact us

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