Internal Acoustic Wall Panels

Main Features

Enhanced Acoustics

Recycled Felt Backing

Safety Assured

Versatile Design

Easy Installation

What are internal acoustic wall panels?

Enhance your indoor environments with our Series 1 Acoustic Wood Veneer Wall Panels, seamlessly combining aesthetic appeal, acoustic performance, and eco-consciousness.

Meticulously fashioned using authentic wood veneer slats and a backing made from recycled felt, these panels come in two adaptable sizes – 240x60cm and 300x60cm – offering versatility to meet your unique design needs.

Choose from a range of captivating colours, such as Oak, Grey, Smoked Oak, Washed Oak, Black, and Walnut, to customise your design with precision. offer a hassle-free solution that’s both stunning and sustainable. Explore our collection today and discover the endless possibilities of green design.


£108.00 per panel incl. Vat Panel Size 2400mm x 600mm

Colours Available


Washed Oak


Smoked Oak



*Prices shown above may be subject to Delivery Charges

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