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Does your artificial grass feel real?

It’s unique fibre composition makes our artificial grass look like real grass.
You will be surprised not only by its natural appearance, but also by it’s soft and bouncy fibres. If you really want to know if our artificial grass looks natural and feels soft, contact us so you can feel and see for yourself how fantastic it is.

Where can artificial grass be applied?

Our artificial grass offers more applications than you can imagine. In principle it can be installed anywhere where you want a green space, where natural grass does not grow properly or where maintenance is too demanding.

Some examples of frequent applications:

  • gardens for homes
  • gardens for companies and office buildings
  • roof patios
  • country residences
  • around swimming pools
  • trade fair floors
  • shop windows and interiors
  • children play areas or in crèches
  • in bars and restaurants
  • central reservations and roundabouts
Can slopes be covered with artificial grass?

Our artificial grass can be applied anywhere including slopes. We will be happy to discuss our customised approach with you for any kind of subsoil or situation.

How much does artificial grass cost?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions but has no definitive answer. We quote every job individually because there are many factors that can change the price.

Is artificial grass suitable for dogs and it’s cleaning?

Yes, artificial grass is suitable for dogs. We advise that you select one our Polyurethane backed grasses which is less absorbent than the usual Latex backing and easier to keep clean. Ask for further details.

For more information on cleaning see our blog:
Artificial Grass General Maintenance and Cleaning Guide for Pet Owners

Does the artificial grass require maintenance?

Like most things, our artificial grass still needs maintenance, though it is minimal.

Things like Watering, manuring, cutting edges to size etc – are forever eliminated.

However, we do advise that you brush the grass with a stiff broom to stimulate the fibres; how often I hear you say? well as a general rule of thumb, if it looks like it need brushing, brush it!

Natural materials such as leaves, catkins falling from trees and seeds from surrounding vegetation should also be removed. Use a leaf blower or simply brush or use a plastic rake. The special underside of the artificial grass cover stops weeds from sprouting from beneath the grass, however, you can find weeds trying to germinate in the surface or around the edges, these can be removed simply by either raking them off or spraying them with a domestic water-based weed killer.

Find out more here.

For more information on cleaning see our blog:
Artificial Grass General Maintenance and Cleaning Guide for Pet Owners

Will weeds grow on my artificial grass?

Yes most people will experience weeds growing in their artificial grass at some point.

The membrane installed under the grass helps deal with the plants under the ground; however, just like patios, decking and shingle areas with membrane under them and even tarmac roads a weed can grow anywhere. Where ever they can get a hold they will grow, on top of or on an edge of any material. This is due to airborne seeds and dust that everyone suffers from blowing in to their garden. Giving it a brush now and then helps to clear leaves and debris but of course you can’t stop it all. The best way is to just weed kill them. I use Round Up or Weedol, it doesn’t hurt the grass and once they’re dead then just brush them out. It’s best not to pull them out as you can’t see if you got all the root.

What about the worms, insects and wild life?

Worms will continue to work hard under your artificial lawn and in your flowerbeds. Ants and insects will also continue to wander through the grass where birds will still find them.

Does artificial grass get hot?

This is a very common question and yes, during hot weather the grass can get hot.

We suggest that you check the area prior to being used. Should your grass seem hot many of our customers have said that they simply hose it down which helps to cool the grass.

Other alternatives would be to create shaded areas in the garden; install a tree, a pagoda/gazebo or a sun shade.

Can you barbecue on these lawns? What about cigarettes and fire?

Cigarette ash or hot coals from the barbecue in the garden will cause scorching, but not set the artificial grass on fire. The fact that artificial grass is applied for airport runways ( to prevent birds from nesting) and in Formula 1 circuit bends show that it has been assessed positively after intensive testing with inflammable liquids and heavily used spaces.

What about roots and moles etc...

Placing a geo textile membrane underneath the grass surface largely stops roots and weeds from bursting through to the artificial-grass surface. The backing of the artificial grass cover itself consists of a very strong woven cloth, followed by a layer of latex or polyurethane, preventing moles from reaching the surface through the backing of the grass.

What about animal messes on the grass?

The messes of large animals are best removed manually, as you would do with natural grass. Urine and such are harmless to the grass, they will not discolour the fibres.  However, we recommend that you clean your grass regularly to prevent any odours. It is advisable to use a proper artificial grass cleaner/deodoriser. If the grass is not cleaned regularly animal urine will crystallise and cause it to smell.

For more information see our blog:
Artificial Grass General Maintenance and Cleaning Guide for Pet Owner

Can the grass discolour?

The addition of a unique UV stabiliser and the special composition of the grass fibres prevent discolouration of our artificial grass. It is tested for discolouration and UV stability in the most demanding circumstances; intense rain, prolonged sunshine and heavy hailstorms cannot cause any problem. Hence, our artificial grass offers a ten-year warranty against discolouration on its product range.

Can equipment be placed on the artificial grass?

Yes items such as Football goals, swings, slides, trampolines and outdoor tables and chairs can be placed on the artificial grass, however, we advise that you rotate equipment as they are also high impact areas. We recommend moving these types of equipment from time too time to ensure even wear. Brush the area with a stiff broom to stimulate the grass pile to freshen it up. It is normal for the artificial grass to sit flatter in these high use areas.

Can we have decorative items and mirrors in the garden?

We advise that you need to carefully consider where items such as mirrors, shiny features or anything glass are placed adjacent to the artificial grass area. This is because the sun rays can be reflected and magnified onto the artificial grass and can cause scorching. Therefore it is important that you, the customer, consider their placement is not in direct sunlight.

Does Love it Lawns offer ongoing Maintenance?
Yes we do.
We can carryout maintenance to your artificial grass as and when you require it, whether it’s an annual spruce up or something more regular, the choice is yours.

What others are saying

The whole team was able to fit the grass within two and a half hours, on a scorching hot September day, and they were efficient and friendly, and completed the job with the minimum of fuss, and maximum fun!
The grass itself is superb, looks good, and is resilient through rain, hail, sun, cats, kids and general gardening. It is super easy to clear up, using both the special broom provided and also a general garden vacuum. In short, we are delighted!

Tony and Christine Kalus – Old Portsmouth

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the fantastic work you have done in our garden, the preschool children love the new Namgrass which has covered our big muddy patch with a beautiful usable grass. You have done an amazing job and we will be highly recommending your services to all the local preschools. Thank you.

Terri Pink – Curdridge Caterpillars Preschool