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Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Tools

Recycled Plastic Wood


Topping Sand

Comfort Pad

Protection Flooring

Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning Tools

Recycled Plastic Wood


Topping Sand

Comfort Pad

All the accessories shown on this page can be purchased from our HQ in Boorley Green.

You can also view our Maintenance page for our lawn maintenance and aftercare service below.

Cleaning Chemicals


A very powerful deodoriser, known for its’ ability to kill even the strongest smells. It helps eliminate ammonia and reduces the risk of bacterial and viral respiratory contamination.

Odor-Kill can be sprayed wherever smells persist such as kennels, catteries, stables, homes and gardens.

Bubblegum fragranced

Directions for use:-
Dilute with water up to 20ml (4tsps) in 1 litre.

£34.99 – 5 Litres

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Bio-K20 (AG)

Bio-K20 (AG) is one of the most powerful and effective products on the market for the complete eradication of dog, cat and other pet urine odours on artificial grass and artificial turf surfaces.

It can also be used on other external hard surfaces.

As more and more of us are taking advantage of outdoor living and making use of the benefits of artificial grass and turf, there is an increasing demand for high quality and effective enzyme products for dealing with pet urine odours on these types of surfaces.

Directions for use:-
Mix 1 part product with between 5 and 10 parts warm water and apply liberally by watering can or sprayer to the whole area. It is important to apply the solution to the entire area (not just to patches) to ensure that the enzymes come into direct contact with all areas of contamination.

£74.99 – 5 Litres

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Wet & Forget

Wet & Forget 5 litre is suitable for cleaning patios, paths, tarmac, block paving, roofs and tennis courts, in fact any outside surface exposed to rainfall. It kills and removes moss, mould, lichen and algae and there’s no need for special equipment – just a good garden sprayer!

It helps prevent the damage caused by harsh scouring, scrubbing or water blasting. Wet & Forget 5l has an unlimited shelf life and doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals that bleach based cleaners have.

Directions for use:-
First, clear the affected surface(s) of leaves and garden debris
Mix Wet & Forget Outdoor Concentrate and water in a pump garden sprayer, in a 1 to 5 ratio. (1 part product to 5 parts water).
Spray down your exterior surface with Wet & Forget. It’s best to apply when no rain is in the forecast and when the temperature remains above freezing. Walk away, and you’re done!

£36.00 – 5 Litres

All prices are inclusive of VAT

5L Pro-Kleen Artificial Grass Cleaner

The Pro-Kleen Artificial Grass Cleaner cleans, disinfects and completely destroys and eliminates any lingering nasty odours with ease from your artificial lawn. 3 in 1 formula designed to disinfect, clean and deodorise. It is completely safe and easy to use, and once dry, it is child and pet friendly. Leaves behind a long lasting fresh scent, to keep your artificial grass clear of nasty odours.

A moss-killing and removing ingredient has been incorporated in to this formula which is perfect for those who may suffer with moss growth on their artificial lawn.

Directions for use:-
Mix the solution at a rate of 2 parts water, 1 part solution
Apply the solution using a pump sprayer or a watering can
If diluted, no need to rinse after use
If necessary, agitate with a hard brush

£14.99 – 5 Litres

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Cleaning Tools

Garden Broom

A good stiff garden broom is great for removing debris from your artificial grass and will help to lift the pile of the grass.


All prices are inclusive of VAT

Rake brush

A handy new garden brush, ideal for sweeping close to edges, around pots and containers and into corners. Particularly effective for sweeping artificial grass.
Overall length: 1570mm
Handle length: 770mm to 1400mm when fully extended


All prices are inclusive of VAT

Brush and Collect Pro

This electric brush the ideal tool for collecting leaves, pine needles, unwanted debris, along with lifting the pile of your Artificial Grass. A powerful 1500W electric machine along with it’s unique collection box.

320mm working width
30L collection bag
10m power lead

RRP £125.00

All prices are inclusive of VAT

5Litre Pump Action Pressure Sprayer

5Litre capacity
Easy pump action
Adjustable nozzle
Adjustable carrying strap
Press release safety valve

Pack size (mm): 185 x 185 x 440
Sprayer height (mm): 420
Sprayer diameter (mm): 180
Weight empty (kg): 0.40
Weight full (kg): 5.40
Suitable for spraying water and water-based chemicals with pH values between 5 and 9


All prices are inclusive of VAT

Recycled Plastic Wood

Why use recycled plastic wood when installing artificial grass?

Long lasting – Rot proof edging with a typical lifetime of more than 40 years!
Flexible – easily bent to create beautiful curves
Easy to use – no special tools required.
Attractive – looks like natural wood

Available in three sizes, this edging can be cut to length and shaped as required. This product can be used to provide definition to your lawn. The artificial grass can be attached to it producing a neat transition from grass to flower beds.

25mm x 150mm x 3m

Plastic Edging Plank
(Can be used for a straight edge or gentle curve if required)


All prices are inclusive of VAT

25mm x 50mm x 3m

Plastic Edging Plank
(Can be used for a straight edge or gentle curve if required)


All prices are inclusive of VAT

18mm x 67mm x 3m

Flexible Plastic Edging Plank
(Can be used for tighter curves)


All prices are inclusive of VAT

40mm x 40mm x 3m

Plastic Post (Stakes)
(Can be cut down to required stake length)


All prices are inclusive of VAT

150mm x 6mm

Artificial Grass Nails

20p each

All prices are inclusive of VAT


Multi Purpose Adhesive

Multi Purpose Adhesive is a two component polyurethane based adhesive system primarily designed for bonding, sand filled artificial grass carpets to our special seam jointing tapes to produce a strong invisible joint along the carpet joins.

Formulated to form a high bond strength whilst remaining easy to use.

For bonding all carpets and tapes.

For general use on multi-sport surfaces.

Versatile over 5ºC – 30ºC

Packaging: 5kg, 10kg and 12kg

£49.99/10kg tub

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Aqua Bond Adhesive

Single component moisture-curing adhesive.

Simple application for artificial lawn construction and repair situations.

Applied to one surface, the adhesive exhibits high bond strength.

Packed in 310ml cartridges.


All prices are inclusive of VAT

Joining Tape

The tape consists of a strong geo textile white fabric on one side and this is laminated to a polyolefinic film to prevent the penetration of adhesive through to the under surface.


Used for the current wide range of artificial grass carpets seam joints.

Impervious to moisture ingress from the base.

Strong rot proof geo-textile bonding medium.

Lays flat to substrate when rolled out.

Sealed back to prevent adhesive penetrating to base.

£1.20/linear metre

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Topping Sand

High Drain Infill

The innovative High Drain infill sand has been specifically designed to include larger rounded particles in order to provide superior void space.

During independent testing it has been found that our high drain topping infill sand drained 116% better than the most popular competitor sands available.

Due to its technical grading our sand has been proven to aid effective drainage, outperforming many other infill sands on the market.

£9.50/25kg bag

All prices are inclusive of VAT

Comfort Pad

10mm Comfort Pad

10mm Height

Polyurethane foam allows quick drainage

Manufactured from fully recycled products

Giving a slight cushioning under all artificial grass

Other grades of shockpad available on request


All prices are inclusive of VAT

Protection Flooring

Checkerlok – Protection Flooring

Versatile Usage: It can be used in Garages, workshops, sheds, home office, Gym and Fitness centres, and any areas of high pedestrian or vehicular use. It is also an all-weather product so can easily be used outside to provide walkways or protection to finished surfaces.

Easy Installation: Unique puzzle join design for quick, tool-free setup. Ramp sections are available for openings and doorways to provide trip free access

Enhanced Safety: Non-slip surface and shock absorption reduce slip risks.

Cost Savings: No costly base works needed during installation.

Accessibility: Fully compatible with wheelchairs, pushchairs, and trolleys.

High Quality: Durable, fire-resistant vinyl tiles.

Competitive Pricing: Exceptional value for money.

Size: 495mm x 495mm Thickness: 14mm

£4.95/tile plus VAT

Trade discount available on request

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