Is Your Garden Ready?


Written by Love It Lawns

April 6, 2022

Now that British Summertime is officially here, it’s time to get out in the garden. The clocks moved forward recently which only means one thing, more daylight hours to spend in the garden.

With daffodils, tulips and many spring flowers making an appearance it is time to get those spring tidy ups under way.

To follow on from last month’s blog we thought we would give you a few ideas….

Here are our Top 10 tips to prepare your garden for Spring.

  1. Time for a spring inspection.

Take some time to wander around the garden and check out any jobs that need doing

  1. Tidy up flower beds and borders.

Borders can be cleared of loose debris and cut back any remaining dead flower stems from last year’s growth.

  1. Spring lawn care

Carry out the first cut of the season and give it a good feed.  Now is the best time to re-seed any bare patches.

  1. Clean any patios and decking

Patios and decking can be washed down with a power washer and any repairs can be carried out

  1. Clean garden furniture.

It is time to get the garden furniture out.  Sweep off the cobwebs and give it all a good wash down with some warm soapy water

  1. Sow seeds in trays and small pots.

We all love fresh fruit and veg so why not try and grow your own. Why not try your hand at some Salad leaves, herbs, tomatoes or even courgettes to name but a few?

  1. Divide perennials and transplant shrubs.

Duplicating plants around the garden is a great way of getting more for your money. Dividing plants is totally free and very easy to do.

  1. Start collecting rainwater by installing water butts.

Harvesting rainwater is very important so adding water butts or something similar is a really good idea.

  1. Put out any necessary supports like trellises and stakes.

Stake or support any trees or shrubs and put up any trellises for climbing plants etc.

  1. Sweep, clear and clean your artificial lawn

Our artificial grass may also need a bit of attention too. Clear winter debris with a stiff broom and even give it a wash down. Any weeds or moss appearing on the surface can simply be eradicated with a weed or moss killer.

If your artificial grass needs a little more help, Love It Lawns can give you quote for a full maintenance. 

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