Artificial Grass Lawn Maintenance: Spring Clean


Written by Love It Lawns

March 1, 2022

Winter is almost over, the days are getting longer and hopefully the weather is getting warmer as the spring bulbs start to make an appearance. It is about now that we all start to think about venturing outside into the garden and looking at the springtime tidy up and the maintenance. Work that needs to be done so that the children, friends and family can enjoy the outdoors.

Our gardens have become an important additional room particularly as we have all been spending more time at home. Over the last couple of years, during the COVID pandemic, people have found that spending time in their gardens has helped with their general wellbeing, giving many a sense of purpose.

Many people have undertaken projects within the garden installing hot tubs, new outdoor kitchens, a BBQ area and even an inside or outside bar. Some people have even gone as far as adding projector screens so that they can enjoy their favourite TV series, films, or sports from the comfort of their new hot tub.

As Summer approaches we will need to carry out maintenance tasks that will enable us to enjoy all these improvements to our outdoor areas. This will include large jobs like cleaning the patio, cleaning and treating the decking, repainting the fences. Gardening will include tending the borders, cutting back any remaining dead flower heads from last years blooms and the general clearing of the debris ahead of the new blooms.

Then of course there is our Artificial Grass. Artificial grass will also need some TLC in order to recover from the winter weather and be ready for you to enjoy your outdoor relaxation, socialising and recreation.

Start by removing any loose debris, leaves and twigs that may have built up over the winter season. This can be done by using a garden blower and/or a stiff yard broom. Try lifting the flattened grass fibres by brushing the grass in different directions with either a stiff yard broom, a plastic garden rake or a grandi groom. Our accessories page displays the types of tools available for this job, including our Electric Power Brush.

Don’t forget to treat any weeds that may have appeared on the surface or around the edges of the grass. This should be done by spraying them with a weed killer.  Any moss patches can be treated and then brushed out once the moss has died off.

If you have a dog you should have been regularly cleaning your artificial grass throughout the winter season to stop odours from building up. If, however this has been over looked then I would suggest that you give it a good dousing with an enzyme cleaner or a deodoriser. Again, we have a Deodoriser and a strong, live Enzyme Cleaner on our Accessories Page but as we’ve previously mentioned there are many other products available.

Why not let us do the maintenance for you? 

Did you know that ‘Love It Lawns’ offers an ongoing Maintenance and Aftercare Service.

We have a dedicated van solely for this purpose. It is always available and is set aside specifically to maintain the artificial grass of our customers.

If your grass has been recently installed, you may want us to come back to maintain your grass once every six months or once a year.  We can keep it looking refreshed and looking like new the whole year round.

Alternatively, your artificial grass may have been installed some time ago and you may well be finding it more than you can manage. If the removal of excessive weeds and moss seems daunting don’t despair, we can help to bring it back to life for you. Our mechanical machinery and brushes can get deep into the pile, remove deep seated debris and lift the pile back up again. A Love It Lawns maintenance will make your artificial grass look almost as good as new.

Visit out Maintenance Page on our website for more information

Now that’s the garden all sorted. Time to all relax and enjoy the sunny days ahead.

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