Love it Lawns is excited to be back in Botley

Written by Love It Lawns

January 5, 2024

Before I tell you what we do let me tell you who we are….

Ok our warehouse is actually in Boorley Green and I can already hear people of a certain age who are from Botley quietly saying to themselves, “Boorley Green is not Botley” however, now they seem to come under the same umbrella.

Both myself and my colleague grew up in Botley.  My colleagues family are well known in Botley and in fact her Father ran the local hardware store for a while.

When I grew up here Botley was a quiet little village, in fact the most exciting thing for children was watching the bacon slicer being used in Maffey’s.

My Mum and Dad helped run the village fete’s and my mum also ran an annual craft fair at the YMCA for a while, it got to about 120 stalls at one time.

My father loved history and started the Botley & Curdridge History Society and the William Cobbett Society, all with the help of an elderly gentleman called Jack Tickner, who rode a bike everywhere, not unusual until I tell you he had a wooden leg!

Almost forgotten now but without my Dad and Jack the Manor Farm Museum may not have existed.  They cleaned the old church, cut the grass and even convinced the local farmer to dig the pond out that was full of silt, they then hassled the council until they took some interest.

In fact there is a third unknown person in the History of Manor Farm. 

My Dad and Jack needed to raise some money to move forward with the work required at the old church, so they set a table up outside the Bugle Pub and asked people to kindly donate. 

My Dad explained to me “ We are stood there when a very drunk man came out of the pub, he lookedat us and asked what we wanted the money for, at that  point he took a fiver out of his pocket and stuffed it in the jar, he looked at us again and told us we best F@&Kin get on with it then, then just walked off”.  This was back in the seventies and 5 pounds was a lot of money.  Needless to say Dad and Jack did exactly that.

We still don’t know to this day who that man was, but thank you whoever you were.

Anyway that’s why I’m so excited to have our business back under the umbrella of Botley.

Here are a few other things you may not know about Botley….

Botley, a village near Southampton has a rich and interesting history. 

Botley’s history dates back to the Anglo-Saxon era. The name ‘Botley’ is thought to be derived from ‘Botta’s Leigh’, indicating that it was a clearing in the woods owned by a Saxon lord named Botta.

Historically, Botley was known for its market. In 1267, the village was granted a royal charter by Henry III to hold a weekly market and annual fair. This made Botley an important trading centre in the medieval period.

Botley’s location near the River Hamble was significant. The river was used for transportation and trade, which was crucial for the village’s economy.

The village is home to several historic buildings. The Botley Mills, dating back over a thousand years, is a notable example. These mills have been used for various purposes over the centuries, including corn milling and paper making.

Botley is also known for its connection to the famous poet John Keats. In 1819, Keats stayed at the Mill House in Botley and is believed to have composed part of “The Eve of St. Agnes” there. Also the writer William Cobbett,

During World War II, the village played a role in the preparations for the D-Day landings. The area around Botley was used for troops and equipment as part of the build-up.

Today, Botley is a picturesque village that retains much of its historic charm. It’s a mix of old and new, with historic buildings alongside modern amenities.

Botley’s history is intertwined with the broader historical developments of the Hampshire region and reflects the typical evolution of an English village from its early medieval origins to the present day.

So what’s this got to do with artificial grass and landscaping, well nothing really, not a thing, but hey it doesn’t have to be all about work.

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