Written by Love It Lawns

August 4, 2022

Nearly every time I turn up to quote for an artificial grass quote I hear the same thing.
“I really like my real lawn buts it’s hopeless, I’ve re-laid it three times”
I don’t know why it seems to always be three times but it just is.
“What with the kids on it all day” or “The dog has made a mess off it” or how about “My garden floods every winter and just makes a mess of the lawn”, maybe even “What with the tree’s nothing will grow here”, and so the list goes on as to why their just not enjoying their lawn anymore and “It’s just becoming a chore”.
Obviously there are other reasons to, sometimes there are personal reasons as to why they are looking at artificial grass but it’s not because they don’t like real grass.

Now one of the guys who works for us loves his real lawn. It’s not that he doesn’t like artificial grass it’s just that he loves going out on a Sunday to cut and maintain it. He is a little lucky because the lawn doesn’t get used much but even if it did I know he would still keep a real lawn.

Many people enjoy maintaining their real lawns, fertilising the lawn, spiking and top dressing it. This is how they use their time to relax in the garden.

Then there are the customers, like me, who also love their gardens. I get in from work and make a cuppa then go out to the garden. I do a bit of dead heading, get the Clematis to follow the wires I put up and to stop them from constantly tying to ignore the wires and do their own thing.

There’s a little bit of weeding, feeding the birds and topping up their water, then I take a chair and just sit and chill.

Now as I started my career in farming and then became a groundsman you may be surprised I have artificial grass but for me it’s my ideal lawn. No more getting the mower out and having to get rid of the cuttings, you can only leave so many cuttings on the lawn before you find yourself having to get a scarifier on it to get the thatch out of it.

Having been a groundsman unless I can have a perfect real lawn I would prefer not to have one. I just don’t have the time, therefore it just becomes a chore and stops the garden becoming somewhere I can relax.

So which type of lawn should you have, a real lawn or an artificial lawn?

Well that’s the easy bit, have what ever you want. It’s what ever suits your life style and how you want to use your garden. Let’s face it your lawn is a very tiny piece of the world, I’m not sure anyone should say what you should use it for.

So with this in mind Love it Lawns is now offering a choice with our new three lawn option.

Option 1 – Real Turf

For many years we laid real turf, long before the popularity of artificial grass grew and it became the main installation option for Love it Lawns. In fact we still do the odd real turf lawn even now.

However, we are now in a position to offer this service as one of our new three lawn options.

From preparing the ground to installing the turf we can help and by using a local supplier it means the turf will be laid with in hours of being cut from the field.

If you’re having drainage issues we have a few options to help with this. These options include removing existing soil and back filling with better draining soils. We can also add drainage pipework and soak-aways if required.

Option 2 – Hybrid Grass

If you like having a real lawn but are thinking of having artificial grass then what about 50% real grass 50% artificial grass?

Just like premiership football pitches and rugby pitches that are part artificial and part real grass this is what helps to keep them looking great.

We can now offer this for your lawn.

Hybrid Grass by Coverlawn is a ground stabilising product that can be installed over newly seeded ground or straight over an existing lawn.

The Hybrid grass is 17mm high and sits at ground level. It allows for the grass to grow up through it and can be mowed like a real lawn but it helps to prevent wear and tear on your real lawn and helps protect the grass roots.

If you don’t want to cover your whole lawn it’s also ideal for areas that get a lot of wear like goal mouths or heavily walked area where the lawn has been worn away. In fact it can be laid anywhere the lawn has been worn away.

Option 3 – Artificial Grass

We have a good choice of artificial grass from our 100% recyclable grass, (meaning it needs no special treatment other than a clean much like most products going to be recycled and can be made into plant pots, recycled lumber and buckets etc) right through to our high drain grass and our thick soft grasses. In fact we have an artificial grass for all needs, whether it’s for the kids, for the dogs or maybe you just don’t want to cut the grass anymore.

It’s ideal for areas that get wet and unusable during winter. With our SuDS free draining base and drainage systems an artificial lawn can make most lawns usable all year round.

So what’s your perfect lawn?? If you know what you like, then great, give us call and lets see if we can help to give you that perfect lawn.

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