Artificial Grass Maintenance and Cleaning Guide for Pet Owners

Written by Love It Lawns

August 2, 2019

Love It Lawns are including this information as a guide to assist you in the maintenance and cleaning of your artificial grass.

It is extremely difficult to be precise with our recommendations as we do not know, for example:

  1. how much your dog uses the area
  2. what is the size of your dog/dogs
  3. how often you have cleaned the lawn after it has been installed.

Due to these variables, Love It Lawns can never guarantee that you will not get pet odours from your artificial grass. We do try, however, to assist you where we can by keeping up to date with new cleaning products that appear on the market.

In most cases a basic cleaner, when used regularly, will suffice but experience tells us that there is no way of knowing what is right for you and your dog/s. Some dogs urine is particularly pungent and others create no smell at all. Of course, it also depends upon the frequency of use.

One of the most common problems we find is the saturation level of urine prior to customers using a cleaner. If left untreated, the pets urine will start to permeate into the sub-base below the initial layer of grass. If this occurs stronger products may need to be applied.

Any long term existing urine saturation may take numerous applications of cleaner in order to elevate the problem. The lawn may need to be thoroughly soaked to allow the product to permeate in to the lower levels.

Love It Lawns suggests that if you have a dog that urinates on the artificial grass, you should clean your lawn at least once a week, This may need to be increased depending on the size of your dog/s, the size of garden and how often it/they use the area.

We have several different cleaners available and there are many more available on the market.
For some customers, our most basic deodoriser is adequate, for others our stronger, more expensive enzyme cleaner is required.
It is advisable that upon installation, customers with dogs, should treat their artificial grass little and often. It is important to treat it immediately rather than waiting for the grass to start smelling.

The following cleaners are available from our Love It Lawns showrooms.

  • Odour Kill Deodoriser.
  • Bio K20 Enzyme Cleaner (5 Ltr.)

The following are useful examples of Cleaners used by our customers.

  • Biological washing liquid mixed with water in a sprayer.
  • One part mixture of white vinegar to three parts water. Applied directly on to the grass.
  • Milton Sterilising Fluid.
  • Anti-Bacterial Surface Spray.
  • Trade-chem Fresh Pet – Available Online.
  • Odourfresh Pet Products – Cleaner and Disinfectant – Available Online
  • Fresh Pet – Available Online
  • Pro-Kleen – Available online

Although Love It Lawns have not tested any of these products we thought it might be useful to share this information with you.

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